Working for Kindersteps could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make , if you are someone who really believes in making a difference through becoming an outstanding teacher.

The school:

  • • serves an area that contains very high levels of deprivation
  • • needs teachers/education support staff who want to go the extra mile because they fundamentally believe the children deserve the best possible start
  • • insists that the basic standard for performance has to be at least good – no child deserves less
  • • has lovely children- children that need teachers who consistently rise to the daily challenge of ensuring the best possible outcomes.

    Our Expectations

    We expect high levels of commitment to:
  • • the children
  • • equality
  • • consistency
  • • standards
  • • professional behaviour

    Our commitment to you

    You can expect:
  • • the best guidance and support
  • • to work in a different way, a better way, than that which has become the median
  • • children who will achieve so much – in every sense- because of you doing this
  • • in short – a transformational experience!

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