kids nursery in trivandrum
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  • Work Timings : 8:00am - 6:00pm
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Kindergartens in Trivandrum
  • Baby Care
    (3 Months - 2 Yrs)

  • This program runs under 1:1 Caretaker-Baby ratio that ensures adequate care & attention specially needed during infancy.abcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabc

Kindergartens in Trivandrum
  • Pre School
    (2 Yrs - 4 Yrs)

  • This is a unique program with a strong focus on self mastery skills. This section is divided into two according to the age of the child.abcabcabcabcabcabcabcabc abcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabc

Kindergartens in Trivandrum
  • Kindergarten
    (4 Yrs - 6 Yrs)

  • This program hand-holds children to the world of language, Mathematical Awareness, General Knowledge and the happenings around them by offering them a wide variety of experiences.

Kindergartens in Trivandrum


At pre-school, we follow a child initiated curriculum while at Primary School, the curriculum would be student-centered, project-based, and incorporates the multiple Intelligence.

Beyond Academics

We give equal importance to Karate, Yoga, Skating, Dance and Music as these activities will be positive for the well-being of the children.

Exclusive Childcare

You will be given information about your child and her or his experiences, and you will also be consulted, supported and encouraged to share your ideas and insights.

Our Services

Baby Care

Kindergartens in Trivandrum
  • Details: Admit 3 months to 2years 1:1 Baby-Caretaker Ratio
    Service Available: Doctor on Call Daily report about infant’s routine
    Timing: 08:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.


Kindergartens in Trivandrum
  • Details: Admit 2 yrs - 4 yrs Jump Start Years Curriculum Teacher-Student Ratio 1:15
    Service Available: Regular Evaluation Doctor on Call
    Class Timing: 9.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m
    Daycare Service:
    08:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.


Kindergartens in Trivandrum
  • Details: Admit 4 years onwards Teacher-Student Ratio 1:15 Bridging Years Curriculum Equal Important for Extra- Curricular Activities
    Service Available: Regular Evaluation Remedial Coaching Classes Individual Care
    Class Timing: 09:30 a.m. – 03:00 p.m.

Primary School

Kindergartens in Trivandrum
  • Details: Provides a Positive Enabling Environment Teacher-Student Ratio 1:12 Regular Evaluation Remedial Coaching Classes Equal Important for Extra- Curricular Activities Individual Care
    Service Available:
    Regular Evaluation
    Remedial Coaching Classes, Individual Care
    Class Timing: 9.30am. - 3.00pm.

Individual Care

Three Branches

Vehicle Facility

Qualified Staff

What Parents Say

Staying away from your child is always hard and most of the parents couldn't even imagine. Unfortunately due to my particular situation I had to stay away from my son for months which is so painful. However I am happy that he is in the capable hands of Kindersteps. It was in 2012 I started searching for a decent pre-school in and around Trivandrum. I visited few places and wasn't sure whether to send my son there or not. Most of them were talking mainly about child's educational development rather than an overall development. Kindersteps was different they were concerned about child's overall development, which include social and physical development. The day I met Mrs Femeena Sha (Principal), I assured myself that there is no need to look back. Her passion and interest in child's development was the key factor in making my decision. I am so glad that I have made that decision. My child is even getting the opportunity i never had in my life which is major plus point in my thoughts. I am so thankful to Mrs Femeena Sha and all the teachers who is looking after my beautiful Ishan while I am away. I would certainly recommend Kindersteps to all who wish an overall development in your child. Many Thanks Kindersteps.

JShafi Shamsudeen & Naziya M, Parents of Ishan Shafi

Kindergartens in Trivandrum
Kindergartens in Trivandrum

For us, finding a care centre for our boy, who was only 2.5 years old then, was a night mare. What we were looking for was not just a day care center or preschool, but a "Second Home" for our child. Our search ended at "Kindersteps Preschool & Kindergarten" in Trivandrum. The care that he got and the attention to even minute details regarding our son, was at times even more than what we could give him as parents. Toddler, Toddler Plus, LKG, UKG... then??? There was not even a second thought to decide that it should be "Future Steps International School", because we know that his future is safe in the hands in which we had entrusted him. Thanks Team Kindersteps and Future Steps for all the wonderful care and guidance to our little one. We wish you all the very best and all the success for acheiving your vision.

Smitha Arunkumar & Arunkumar, Parents of Dhruv Arunkumar,

Kindergartens in Trivandrum
Kindergartens in Trivandrum

We were in search of one of the best preschools in Trivandrum for our child when she was two and half years old, and were really happy to put her to Kindersteps Preschool, which, we should say the best one in Trivandrum. Preschool, KG-1, and now she is in KG-2. The love and care given by the Kindersteps team to our little ones make them feel at home. The coaching they give in academics is excellent, which helps our kids to build a strong knowledge base. The Kindersteps team have their own unique features like one-to-one parents meeting,daily evaluation, yoga, karate, skating .. and lot more. Thanks Team Kindersteps for all the love and guidance to our little one and we wish all the very best for your future projects.

Shiju Raj S R & Suja G,Parents of Anupama S Raj,

Kindergartens in Trivandrum
Kindergartens in Trivandrum

Good school with great attention to individual care. My daughter has been studying Kindersteps in Trivandrum from playschool. She has transformed much. The teachers are caring and gives attention to individualized care. There are lot of extracurricular activities for kids and the teachers try and succeed in cultivating good habits. The school premises are very clean and hygienic. My daughter loves going to school everyday.

Dr. Madhu Sasidharan & Mithra V S, Parents of Advita Madhu,

Kindergartens in Trivandrum
Kindergartens in Trivandrum

It is being 1 year my daughter Nikitha started going to Kinder steps in Trivandrum. Now she is in KG1. First time when I went to see Femina Mam I had lot of worries regarding my 3 year kid. Her food habits, her speech etc... But after finishing 1 year I am very happy to see how far my daughter improved. I feel so proud that I chose the best place for my child. She feel so much comfortable and it is the safest place too. She loves to go there. Their focus on the curriculum is appreciable. They will give your kid all the available opportunities of attending various scholarship exams which most of the schools are not doing. Introduced lot of extracurricular activities like skating, karate etc. . The individual care and attention frequent updates regarding the kids development, regular meetings, the way they celebrate the festivals, independence day, teacher's day. Everything is awesome. I really thank each and every staff especially Mr. Shah and Mrs. Femina Shah for their successful venture. Wishing great success for their upcoming international school.

Ayswaria Deepak, Mother of Nikitha Deepak,

Kindergartens in Trivandrum
Kindergartens in Trivandrum

I think Kindersteps in Trivandrum is one of the best institution for the kids. They provide all the opportunities for the mental & intellectual growth of kids. One of the important thing i found is that their caring & attitude towards the children is excellent. I hope this institution becomes an asset for the future leaders of our country.

Pradeep Kumar & Divya Pradeep, Parents of Ashwin Kumar P,

Kindergartens in Trivandrum
Kindergartens in Trivandrum